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Nothing Good Comes About Being Out At This Hour [Official Music Video]


Friday Night [Official Music Video]


Here From Your Rooftop [Official Video]

1. Friday Night

It's Friday night
I've waited all week for tonight
And since first light
I couldn't sit still, no, cause I feel…
I feel alright

We're packed in tight
There's no end to this crowd in sight
When we take flight
I can't explain it no I just feel…
I feel alright

I'm laced up tight
Cause now it's me out there tonight
The blinding light
It doesn't phase me no cause I feel…
I feel alright

The crowd ignites
I've dreamt about this all my life
In my own right
I've made it this far now and I feel…
I feel alright

2. 1:52 AM (Interlude)


3. Nothing Good Comes About Being Out At This Hour

No other feeling can compare
To that anxious anticipation
Under the blank cover of darkness
Yea I know nothing good comes about being out at this hour
But no I won’t turn in now, keep it down, we will never be found

This time we'll light it up
We’ll make a scene
This town’s not bright enough
We’ll make it beam

So as we’re racing through the dark
Just remember this elation
I never want to live without it
Yea I know nothing good comes about being out at this hour
But hey that’s fine, in my mind, we’re inclined just to have a good time

4. Stay Cool (Interlude)


5. Don’t Wanna Miss You

I’m gonna wait here by the telephone…
Imagine what it’d sound like with you on the other side
The dusty window blinds spill light in from outside
But Imma keep em drawn until I get you on the line

It should be soon…

Don't wanna miss you

I'm still waiting by the telephone…
The room is warming up now and I melt into a recline
Thought you'd be back by now, it's far beyond the time
You said you'd have me on the line

But still I wait…

Don't wanna miss you

6. Paris Via PA (Interlude)


7. Dream Drifters

Dream drifter on a lazy day
The feel of summertime’s grown old
Just gonna let my mind unfold

Not looking for a place to stay
Slipstreaming off an impulse now
Unwinding while I cover ground

Your mind was bright and beautiful
I wish I could’ve seen much more
But there’s just too much to explore

We are
Dream drifters, we aren't here to stay
We’ve been on the run here for a moment now

The heavy lifters, they are on their way
We’ll leave it even better than we found it now

Still motionless, I forge ahead
Don’t think I’ve ever gone this far
I wonder where the boundaries are

Saw you again in early spring
I wonder whether you saw me
You looked as though you were set free

8. Camelot Arms

We can keep it on
Till the morning light drips in warm through the dawn
Dew is on the lawn
We don’t need a wink just get dressed and it’s on
And it’s on

Morning’s never long
Let’s go out and drift down through Camelot Arms
Needn’t wake your Mom
We’ll be back before she even knows we’re gone
And we’re gone

Wind’s at our backs so we’re golden
Let’s gun it now
Time can’t be bought so we stole it
Let’s run it out

Down beside the stream
We can dip our feet underneath while we dream
Never losing steam
Still don’t need a wink just one breath in between
Our next scheme

9. Who’s Watching You?

Now, I lay me down
Slumber bound
Knowing I’m safe and sound
As long as you’re ‘round

I can’t see you, still, I know you’re there
You’re right down the stairs
And I can hear the TV bleeding through
Is it watching you?
Tell me, who’s watching you?

When you close my door
I’m always sure
It will open once more
Your morning light pouring in
So warm on my skin
To wake me once again

I can’t see you, still, I know you’re there
By this i will swear
Oh lord, hear my prayer
That long after your TV shows are through
You’ll be watching me
But who’s watching you?

10. Just The Beginning (Interlude)


11. Here From Your Rooftop

Feeling wonderful, no matter what else happens, I’m gonna stay true
I have never seen the sky, here from your rooftop, look any more blue

Nor have you

I don’t know why everything, from here, seems so clear
But if i know anything, this must be real

Time is plentiful, let’s stay up here all night, we've got nothing to do
I have never seen the stars, here from your rooftop, that must be some view

Nor have you