Album Name: Stay True

Release Date: 3/8/16

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Label: Good Behavior

Format: Vinyl/Digital



Release Show: 3/19 Johnny Brenda's





Song: Friday Night
Public Release Date: 1/12/16
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Song: Here From Your Rooftop
Public Release Date: 04/15/16
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Song: Nothing Good Comes About Being Out At This Hour
Public Release Date: 01/29/16
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About Stay True

Stay True started out as little more than an exercise to try to approach songwriting from a different perspective. Years of using the medium as a therapeutic and introspective outlet suddenly felt tired and uninspired. I wanted to revert back to a time where everything felt new and exciting again. A time where I couldn't tell a 4-track from an MPC, and the only kind of samples I cared about were the ones you got in the cologne section at JCPenney. Where both Michael and Montell Jordan held equal weight at the center of my universe. Where the anticipation of a sleepover at my best friend’s house, filled with Mighty Ducks, F-Zero, and maybe a few bottle rockets, was enough to make the two hours I had to wait for a ride over there feel like a year. There's no doubt that time moved much slower back then. After all, one full year was a tenth of my entire life at that point. This was a joyous time that I’d always reflected upon fondly, before puberty gave way to teenage angst, and riding bikes was replaced by chasing girls. This mindset was a thrill to revisit, and the more I went there, the more memories I uncovered. Each one like a favorite song that gets buried in the back of your mind, oblivious to the fact that it ever even existed until someone hums the tune, and at that moment, you realize that if they hadn’t, it likely would have been lost forever. These songs are not meant to be nostalgic, but rather a means to relive the joy and excitement, naivety and innocence, of youthful adolescence. - Greg Puglese, Mock Suns

Mock Suns Biography

Mock Suns are Philadelphia musicians Greg Puglese, Tom Magliaro, Steve DiRomualdo, and Matt Giordano. They have never once performed ’O Sole Mio, instead focusing on a unique blend of past and present sounds to create challenging pop songs with a psychedelic tinge. While admittedly enamored with heady, instrumental meanderings and non-linear song structures, affirmed by their first two LPs, their forthcoming 2016 release Stay True represents something of a return to songwriting form, or at least as close to one as they'll likely ever get. Drawing on themes of youthful naivety and childhood ecstasy both musically and lyrically, the simple, often piano-based songs are as much indebted to 60s Motown Soul and 90s New Jack Swing as they are to Classic Psychedelia and Indie Rock.


Philadelphia psych-pop foursome Mock Suns write warm, wiggly, vintage-tinged charmers that will surprise you with their creativity and depth. Mock Suns set themselves apart thanks to an impressive and overarching sense of artistic cohesiveness.
— Kate Bracaglia,
If Phoenix and Real Estate and Lower Dens formed a jam band and afterwards wrote a screenplay in which Arnold Schwarzenegger birthed their unlikely child, you’d be looking at Mock Suns.
— Leslie Burnette, The Deli
Philly’s Mock Suns have a knack for making music that sounds like it should be heard in the great outdoors.  Wearing their 60s psychedelic influences on their sleeve, melded with offbeat progressive jazz like rhythms and playful floating harmonies, the band can make you feel as though you’re about to embark on a summer excursion, exploring open spaces…or, the beach.
— Discosalt
Philadelphia’s Mock Suns is a great melding of classics influences, tipping its cap to 60s psychedelia, heavy rock and jazz. At one moment the Mock Suns are a full on lounge act in space, with clean guitars and off-beat rhythms floating in the same ether as Beach Boys-like harmonies. The next they are pounding triplets on the drums with grungy guitars, arena-rock style.
— Chad Huffman, Modern American Weekly